Shooting the Yukon Quest 2011: Gear List and Lessons Learned

The 2012 Yukon Quest is fast approaching, and I often get asked what gear people should bring along to take photos of the Quest.

I don’t expect people to run out and buy the latest, greatest camera or lens, since photographers have gotten great shots of the Quest no matter what gear they use. Bring what you have!

However, I’ve learned that there are certain pieces of equipment that are going to help you out immensely. Continue reading

Shooting Hockey Players

Here’s a shot from a photosession with the Kwanlin Kanucks here in Whitehorse. It was for a cover shoot for What’s Up Yukon.

Shooting Info: Underexposed the background by about 2 stops. Placed 1 large shoot-through umbrella (with a 580exII flash) high above, almost directly behind me. Placed another 580exII behind the players, camera right, as a rim light. You can see the stand behind the guy on the right.

Shot with a Canon 5D.