Shooting the Yukon Quest 2011: Dawson City

Dawson City was our first real break on the Quest. The mushers were spreading out, which meant I had a little downtime between each shooting excursion. This usually meant I got to do some quick editing and uploading, but I also got a chance to sample some of the amazing food local volunteers had cooked up. Mmm….

I also got a hotel for a night, but proceeded to sleep on the floor of the visitors center for the rest of my time in Dawson. In fact there was a lot of sleeping on floors during the Quest! But I was close to the action – that’s the main thing. Continue reading

Shooting the Yukon Quest 2011: Gear List and Lessons Learned

The 2012 Yukon Quest is fast approaching, and I often get asked what gear people should bring along to take photos of the Quest.

I don’t expect people to run out and buy the latest, greatest camera or lens, since photographers have gotten great shots of the Quest no matter what gear they use. Bring what you have!

However, I’ve learned that there are certain pieces of equipment that are going to help you out immensely. Continue reading

Shooting the Yukon Quest 2011: Circle City pt.1

Dallas Seavey arrives in Circle City

Dallas Seavey arrives in Circle City, Yukon Quest 2011

It was cold. Somewhere near -50, if I remember correctly. A few of us were getting antsy, and knew Dallas would be arriving shortly, thanks to GPS tracking devices.

It’s always a bit of a gamble to head out too early. At -50, your body, your camera, and your lenses will all hate you if you head out too early. Nobody wants to spend an hour outside at those temperatures. (though you have to wonder – how do those mushers do it?)

And if you head out too late – you’ll miss the shot.  Continue reading